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Guide To Caravan And Motorhome Tyres

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You’ll be used to regularly checking up on the tyres on your car or van, but what you may not be aware of is the necessity to check the tyres on your caravan or trailer just as regularly. Oxygen and sunlight work together to break down molecules in the tyre walls, and when the weather is warmer, this tends to happen faster. Eventually, the strength of the tyre is worn down, putting you and your family at risk of having an accident.

Caravans, motorhomes and trailers are particularly at risk as they are likely to be sitting stationary for large periods of the year. Although caravans bear a lot of weight, their tyres do not accelerate or turn, so they are less likely to have tread wear than the tyres on your towing vehicle.

When should I change my caravan tyres?

You should change your tyres every 5 years, even if they are visibly fine. Caravan tyres are hard to inspect, but the 5-year rule reduces the likelihood of an unexpected blowout. You can usually determine the age of caravan tyres by looking at the tyre itself. Digits on the tyre correspond to the week and year that it was made.

Caravan winter tyres

If you enjoy taking out your caravan all year round or live in an area that’s prone to springtime snowfall, you should consider fitting winter tyres to your caravan. This will also be a consideration if you’re thinking about going abroad in the winter or spring – some regions on the continent have worse snow and ice than in the UK. If you do decide on winter tyres, install them at the end of October and replace them with standard tyres at the end of March.

Caravan tyre pressure

The safety and durability of caravan tyres relies on them being inflated correctly. If tyres are inflated to an incorrect pressure, the caravan can be difficult to handle and can increase fuel consumption on your towing vehicle even further.

If you’re unsure about what tyre pressure your caravan tyres should be, be sure to check the information plate which is usually on the outside of the caravan, close to the door. Important information such as the Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass (MPTLM) and Mass in Running Order (MRO) as well as recommended tyre pressure can be found on the plate. You can then check what the tyre pressure of your caravan and motorhome should be.

It’s important to not exceed the maximum tow weight for your caravan, as this can contribute to premature tyre wear. For each tyre, there is a recommended inflation pressure based on the weight it carries. Therefore, it goes that the more weight your caravan is carrying, the more pressurised the tyres should be.

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