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Which Tyre Pressure Gauge Is Best?

Author Name – Jack Underwood

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A tyre gauge is a portable pressure meter which is designed for measuring the pounds of air per square inch in car, van or truck tyres. Having one of these to hand, especially when you’re in possession of a vehicle that doesn’t get driven very often, or if you live far from a petrol station, can be a real tyre saver.

Driving a vehicle with overinflated or underinflated tyres increases fuel consumption, accelerates tread wear and changes car handling at best; and at worst, causes an accident by not being able to stop quickly enough in an emergency.

How to choose the best tyre pressure gauge


When checking the air in your tyres, using an accurate tyre pressure gauge to do so should be your number one priority.

As you’re probably aware, there are two types of tyre pressure gauges on the market. Digital and analogue. Deciding which one is more accurate and useful is up for contention. Many professional mechanics prefer analogue. But some consumers find digital gauges to be more accurate and easier to read.

PSI range

The best tyre pressure gauge for your tyres will also depend on the PSI range of your vehicle. For most cars, the PSI is around 30, but for heavy-duty, high-pressure tyres, it can be as high as 80-100. This means that you’ll need to choose a gauge that accommodates the PSI of your tyres.


The best tyre pressure gauges are also the most usable. Readability, then, is certainly a feature worth taking into account if you plan to take an accurate measurement of your tyre’s level of inflation. Manual tyre gauges are often criticised for their shaky needles, whereas digital tyre gauges will tell you with more certainty what your tyre pressure is.

Tyre pressure gauge with an inflator

Having a tyre pressure gauge with a built-in tyre inflator is a powerful pairing, especially if you live far away from a filling station. These most often come in handy in the case of a slow puncture.

Tyre temperature

However, tyre pressure gauge types are not the only thing to keep in mind when measuring your tyre pressure accurately. You’ll want the tyres to be cool when measuring them, because of the effect the tyre temperature will have on the pressure of the air inside.

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