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What Is Tyre Load Rating?

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Your tyre’s load index refers to its maximum carrying capacity. The load capacity of a tyre determines what weight each tyre is able to carry when it is inflated to the recommended pressure.

To determine your tyre’s maximum carrying capacity, look for the load index number on your tyre’s sidewall, then find it on the tyre load rating chart.

Here’s an example of how and where to find your tyre load rating on your tyre wall and a load rating chart for you to refer back to when necessary.

How to read a tyre load rating chart

It’s important to check your vehicle handbook as to what capacity tyre should be fitted on your vehicle. In some cases, your insurance can become void if you fit the wrong tyres.

In most cases, you only need to look to your tyres sidewall markings to help you determine how much weight your tyres can carry when inflated to their maximum PSI.

The sidewall markings on your tyres will also be able to tell you what your tyre’s width and diameter is and what the maximum speed is they can drive at.

Tyre sidewall markings are usually expressed in the following sequence: 205/55R/16 91V.

The 91 in this sequence indicates the tyre’s sidewall rating.

The next step is to locate this number on a tyre load rating chart to find out what your tyre’s maximum carrying capacity is.

In this case, a tyre with a 91 tyre marking can carry 615 kg in weight.

Tyre load rating chart

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